Our Most Popular Recipes Of 2023

Our Most Popular Recipes Of 2023

These are the recipes all of you adored the most this year. As one more year draws near. Now is the ideal time to ponder beyond a year and gather together our most popular recipes of 2023. You’ll track down a new top. Picks and old works of art on this list of our most popular recipes from 2023. Whether you’ve previously added these top recipes to your recipe box or are searching for new recipes to add to your assortment, you can’t turn out badly with any of the popular recipes on this list. What’s more, we should say that however there are different recipes on this list, it’s nothing unexpected that casseroles and pastries guarantee most spots.
Out of the large number of recipes distributed on SouthernLiving. These are the 20 recipes our perusers looked for, cooperated with, and cooked the most in 2023.

20 Most Popular Recipes

20 Most Popular Recipes

1. Million Dollar Spaghetti Popular Recipes

Redesign spaghetti night by serving this heated adaptation that calls for four unique assortments of cheese.

Million Dollar Spaghetti Popular Recipes

2. Eclair Cake Popular Recipes

This potluck-amazing pastry is great to the point that one of our editors needs to make it each time she visits her loved ones. Fortunate for her (and you!) it requires no baking.

2. Eclair Cake Popular Recipes

3. Millionaire Bacon Popular Recipes

Not in the least does this debauched bacon recipe meet up with only 5 minutes of active time, however, it requires only five fixings too.

Millionaire Bacon Popular Recipes

4. Marry Me Chicken Popular Recipes

Prepared in only 35 minutes, this chicken supper is so flavorful it’s been known to rouse engagement propositions. Besides, it impeccably weds together the kinds of all of the elements for one amazing dish.

Marry Me Chicken Popular Recipes

5. Texas Garbage Pie Popular Recipes

From the Royer family, the proprietors of Royers Round Top Bistro in Round Top, Texas, this pie consolidates the best kinds of both pungent and sweet. We like presenting with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt on top.

Texas Garbage Pie Popular Recipes

6. Tennessee Onions Popular Recipes

At the point when we distributed this recipe, it turned into a moment, and seeing why is simple. With cheese, onions, and spread on the fixing list, how should it not be great?

Tennessee Onions Popular Recipes

7. Husband’s Pleasure Popular Recipes

Consider this velvety, messy casserole as a dismantled lasagna that is certain to charm your eager relatives.

8. Classic Spiced Eggs Popular Recipes

Continuously a work of art, and welcome at any event in the South, nothing unexpected spiced eggs have arrived on our list of most popular recipes for one more year. Our main idea is that you might need to twofold this recipe.

9. Hashbrown Casserole Popular Recipes

We love a flexible recipe, and this casserole that can be served for any event and whenever of the day is only that.

10, Hummingbird Cake Popular Recipes

This wonderful and delectable layer cake turned into a moment exemplary when it was first distributed in a 1978 issue of Southern Living and has remained ridiculously popular from that point onward.

11. Best Custom made Macaroni And Cheese Popular Recipes

It’s nothing unexpected that since we consider this our best recipe for making custom-made macintosh and cheese it beat down all of the others for the most popular.

12. Pumpkin Bundt Cake Popular Recipes

When fall baking season came around, this pumpkin Bundt cake immediately became our most popular cake recipe. From the recipe box of dough puncher Molly Bolton’s grandma, this cake makes certain to turn into a family.

13. Pineapple Casserole Popular Recipes

Maybe one of the most straightforward casserole recipes of all time, Pineapple Casserole stays popular due to its one-of-a-kind taste, yet additionally its effortlessness and short fixing list.

14. Southern Cornbread Dressing Popular Recipes

While cornbread dressing is a staple at Thanksgiving, the exemplary dish likewise shows up all year during suppertime in the South.

15. Chocolate Pleasure Popular Recipes

Regardless of whether we as a whole settle on the name of this debauched chocolate sweet, one thing we can all settle on is that it’s tasty.

16. King Farm Chicken Casserole Popular Recipes

Whether for a potluck or a weeknight supper, you can’t turn out badly serving this Tex-Mex dish. However this casserole is quite simple to make, you can make it significantly more straightforward by utilizing rotisserie chicken.

17. Watergate Plate of Mixed Greens

We love when retro recipes get back in the saddle and Watergate salad most certainly had a sparkling second in 2023. Pistachio-seasoned moment pudding blend is the critical fix to give it the ideal green tint.

18. Homestyle Ground Meat Casserole

This casserole is ensured to turn into a staple in your weeknight supper pivot on the off chance that it’s not as of now. It begins with a pound of ground meat and can likewise be made ahead.

19. Cheese Dreams

These messy nibbles are a definitive tidbit for occupied has because you can stash them in the cooler and haul them out while you’re engaging. You can never turn out badly when cheese and bread are on the fixing list.

20. Old-School Squash Casserole

As we would like to think, the most ideal way to appreciate squash is in a casserole structure. That implies there’s a lot of cheese and a crunchy wafer besting.



Where do individuals get recipes from?

Online recipe sites: There are numerous recipe sites like Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food.com – Recipes, Food Thoughts, and Recordings, which give an immense assortment of recipes that are effectively accessible by fixing, cooking, or dietary limitation

How would you investigate new recipes?

There are cookbooks for each sort of food out there, for each eating routine, and with recipes for each spending plan. One of the most mind-blowing ways of finding new recipes is to glance through your old cookbooks or purchase a new one. You’ll presumably find something you’ve never attempted or an old most loved one you haven’t cooked in some time.

Where do individuals get recipes?

Online recipe sites: There are numerous recipe sites like Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food.com – Recipes, Food Thoughts, and Recordings, which give a tremendous assortment of recipes that are effectively accessible by fixing, cooking, or dietary limitation

For what reason do we normalize recipes?

Normalized recipes assist with guaranteeing that the most ideal food things are created like clockwork. fixings and amounts are utilized each time the recipe is ready, and the expense per serving continues as before. of fixings required for creation can be effortlessly determined given the data given on the recipe.

What makes a recipe unique?

A recipe can usually be thought of as “unique” if you have changed at least three significant fixings, or at least three stages in the recipe cycle, and have composed everything in the most natural-sounding way for you. Your perusers come to your blog since they appreciate making your delightful recipes, yet additionally to some extent since they like YOU.


Every year, we distribute a large group of new recipes that are thoroughly tried, mindfully composed, and delightfully acted. While we have our top picks, we love seeing which recipes reverberate most with all of you and make you want more and more! We investigated the information and pulled the main 20 new recipes that went live on the site in 2023 — the ones you, our dear perusers, tapped on and read the most.

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